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Whom We Serve

At CTC | myCFO we specialize in serving the myriad needs of individuals and families with $25 million or more in investable assets or $100 million or more net worth.

  1. Common
  2. Client

Whether they are senior executives, owners of private businesses, professional investors or beneficiaries, our clients share several common threads:

A need to preserve or enhance their core lifestyle

A deep understanding of and appreciation for the hard work required to create their wealth

A goal to grow their wealth over time and avoid the permanent loss of capital

A desire to transfer their wealth to family members and/or charities that are consistent with their goals

An interest in ensuring their family values extend to the next generation

Recognizing that each one of our clients is unique, our comprehensive serving offering, staffed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, enables us to serve a vast array of needs, goals and preferences:

“I am”...

An emerging or seasoned executive

A new or well established single family office

A private investor

An entrepreneur

A surviving spouse

An inheritor of material wealth

A beneficiary

A multigenerational family

A private business owner

“I prefer to”...

Receive the high touch, high service approach of a boutique, coupled with the checks, balances and organizational stability of a large institution

Enhance certain critical functions of my single family office by partnering with best in class consultants and advisors

Pursue my passion, whether it be work, building successful companies or supporting philanthropic/social interests, leaving the management of my wealth to a seasoned, interdisciplinary team of experts

Empower an advisory team that will lead with advice first and seek the best answers and solutions for me and my family, free of any bias or conflict towards the sale of products or solutions

Leverage a sophisticated, customized investment program targeted at my specific needs, addressing all the issues in my financial world

Seek a centralized, integrated and coordinated approach to managing my complex affairs across investments, taxes, charitable giving, property management, administration, and record keeping

Work directly with the senior professional making the investment decisions, rather than a marketing representative relaying advice from the real decision makers

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