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At CTC | myCFO, we work with ultra-affluent individuals, families and existing family offices who desire assistance making insightful decisions; and/or in executing those decisions within the context of their private family capital. We seek to protect, preserve and grow their wealth to achieve their life goals in a fully integrated fashion.

We are governed by five principles:


We hold your best interests first, and act as your independent and unbiased advocate in all conversations and situations.


We vigilantly seek to ensure an alignment of interests between you, our firm and your current trusted advisors.


We fully disclose all fees and the nature of all our relationships.


We collaborate amongst ourselves, with you, and with your existing advisors.


We hold ourselves to a high and measurable standard of excellence in all that we do.

CTC | myCFO is dedicated to gaining an intimate understanding of your complete financial and family structure and leveraging this knowledge to provide you with fully customized guidance and the services of a comprehensive family office.

CTC | myCFO will:


CTC | myCFO unifies and aligns your existing and future strategies to help you achieve your goals. Every strategic decision we make together will take into account multiple dimensions, recognizing the high degree of interdependency among all of your goals and objectives.


CTC | myCFO ensures well-intended plans are implemented, managed, monitored, and if necessary modified to ensure that your goals are being met.


CTC | myCFO cuts through even the most complex of financial issues, providing a clear picture for you and your family of your current financial situation, and where you are in relation to your goals. We will illustrate for you the clear value drivers, and provide you with customized, concise reporting on an ongoing basis.

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