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A Comprehensive Family Office

Managing wealth effectively requires time, expertise, administration and seamless coordination to align advisors and strategies towards your common goals. Managing material wealth can be just as demanding as operating a business.

CTC | myCFO offers a comprehensive suite of integrated resources to meet the challenges and opportunities of wealth, all proactively managed and coordinated by a central point of contact that is dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest quality advice and service.

We stand ready to draw upon both our in-house expertise and global network of advisors and service providers, all with the end goal of meeting your needs.


We are a premier investment advisor to the ultra-affluent, offering integrated advice, global investment research and a continuum of service capabilities to manage and implement investment policy for your own private investment capital.

  • Investment Policy Development
  • Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Investment Research
  • Portfolio Construction and Management
  • Strategy Execution
  • Reporting and Communications
  • Specialized Advisory Services


We offer a custom-built, partner-level staffed platform to advise, integrate and execute across your income tax, philanthropic, estate and wealth transfer, risk management, lifestyle and/or financial reporting needs.

  • Income Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Expense Management and Financial Reporting
  • Risk Management & Asset Protection Planning
  • Family Education and Governance
  • Philanthropy and Legacy Planning
  • Lifestyle Management


As a leader in delivering trust and estate services, we offer advice and administration whether we are appointed to serve as your sole trustee, co-trustee, agent, executor or administrator. We also provide guidance to individual trustees in navigating the complexities of trust management and ongoing administration.

  • Trustee or Co-Trustee Services
  • Executor or Personal Representative
  • Agent for Executor or Personal Representative
  • Guardian or Conservator
  • Estate Settlement Services
  • Agent for Special Situations
  • Delaware Trust Capabilities


Acting as your advocate and, we believe, the only open architecture liability advisor within the wealth management industry, we provide objective private banking advice across all lending and depository services.

  • Advocacy-Based Consulting
  • Traditional Banking Solutions
  • Custom Financing
  • Debt Sourcing Assessment & Selection
  • Capital Asset Financing & Analysis
  • Monetization of Specialty Assets
  • Depository Services
  • Cash Management
  • Residential Real Estate Financing
  • Securities-Based Lending

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