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CTC | myCFO is a high touch, high service wealth consulting firm that delivers integrated solutions to ultra-affluent individuals, families and family offices. We offer independent investment consulting and the comprehensive services of a multi-family office.

Carefully designed as a boutique, we provide our clients a suite of integrated wealth management services through an open architecture platform, ensuring we are not captive to any particular money manager, service provider or product. We are therefore able to assemble, customize and coordinate the best possible group of solutions for each and every client.

Vigilant advocacy, objectivity, transparency, collaboration and performance are our governing principles.


Investment Advisory Services

There are many global alternatives for wealthy individuals and families to choose from when searching for thoughtful investment advice, guidance and counsel. Yet, discerning families soon realize few firms deliver advice and service with focus, objectivity or meticulous customization. Even fewer possess the depth of experience necessary to serve the unique needs of the ultra-affluent.

We have organized our firm to offer you the following distinctive capabilities:

  • Focus - Advising Individuals and families is our business. Our selectivity in working with only ultra-affluent families enables us to deliver deeper, more tailored expertise to larger clients with a much more concentrated level of service. Our focus on individuals and families also arms us with a keen understanding of one of the most important and pervasive investment planning variables: taxes.

  • Objectivity - Grounded in the belief that wealth is enhanced when managed holistically, our investment advisory team has a 30 year history of addressing each client’s unique investment and tax-related issues by combining dynamic investment research and integrated advice that is aligned with our clients’ interests. Our unbiased approach as an organization distinguishes us from most of our peers, as we are paid only by our clients and serve as each client’s chief, independent advocate.

  • Customization - The architecture of each and every client’s family structure is unique and requires a custom approach to how we deliver. To that end, clients may engage CTC | myCFO to serve as their own Chief Investment Officer, or to partner directly with their existing investment professionals and staff in an effort to enhance their existing capabilities. Our clients may also retain, share or delegate some or all aspects associated with the management of their portfolios. In the end, the clients we serve select the optimal service model that best matches how they wish to manage and implement their own personal capital.

  • Experience – We have assembled an in-house team of investment advisors and research professionals that are seasoned veterans. Our institutional memory and extensive network of investment contacts enables us to identify global, new and niche oriented managers that fulfill our clients’ customized investment strategies.

Family Office Services

Significant wealth brings with it many opportunities to enjoy a lifestyle that is independent, self-directed and secure. Yet, great wealth is also typically accompanied with complexity, risk and highly interdependent issues.

The Family Office Services platform of CTC | myCFO was custom built to assist you in navigating the myriad activities, decisions and professional relationships necessary to safeguard and grow your wealth.

We offer clients the following capabilities:

  • Acting as your outsourced family office, we can serve as the central hub for the management of your tax, philanthropic, wealth transfer, risk management, lifestyle and family financial reporting needs.

  • If you already have established your own family office, we partner and collaborate well with your existing team and advisors. You can select from our broad range of services to augment or enhance your current capabilities.

  • If you are evaluating the merits of establishing your own private family office, retaining a multi-family office or pursuing elements of both approaches, we have the experience, knowledge and domain expertise to assist you in identifying the most appropriate structure.

Whether we help manage all or a part of your financial picture, our seasoned Family Office Services professionals deliver an integrated approach that seeks to unify all of your advisors and strategies towards a common goal of executing with one voice.

Capital Advisory Services

Our organization recognizes that few firms, if any, can satisfy your entire range of customized banking needs under their own roof. As a result, the Capital Advisory Services Team of CTC | myCFO delivers a unique, advocacy based approach to customized banking. Acting as your advocate, we offer objective advice on how to manage and optimize your financial assets and liabilities to help you achieve your wealth and lifestyle goals.

CTC | myCFO offers customized balance sheet and liquidity advice that centers on the following:

  • Debt Sourcing – We help you assess and select debt alternatives for personal and business needs, optimizing loan terms, conditions and cost.

  • Capital Asset Financing – We provide you with a full analysis of the cost and other considerations to help you plan for and finance capital asset acquisitions.

  • Monetization of Specialized Asset Classes – We help you leverage the value of assets to provide additional investment capital and/or liquidity.

In addition to advice regarding optimal use of financing, CTC | myCFO delivers depository advice and solutions that are best suited to your needs, including checking accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit. When your cash management needs extend beyond this offering set, we will partner with you to identify, tailor and implement enhanced strategies available within both the money and capital markets.

Fiduciary Advisory Services

The complexities and nuances of serving as a trustee, executor or administrator of an estate are many. The Fiduciary Advisory Services Team of CTC | myCFO delivers a full spectrum of trust and estate advice and service capabilities that combine our professionals’ financial, tax and administrative experience with the utmost objectivity, discretion and thoughtful administration.

Acting in a fiduciary capacity, our capabilities include:

  • Serving as a co-trustee or sole trustee of revocable and irrevocable trusts in either a full or directed trustee capacity

  • Serving as executor or personal representative, or appointed agent thereof, for estates

  • Serving as an objective advisor to individual fiduciaries, providing guidance regarding the prudent investment, tax and administrative aspects of trust and/or estate management

Whether we are managing a comprehensive or directed corporate fiduciary engagement, providing trust and estate administrative services or delivering guidance, advice and services to individual fiduciaries, CTC | myCFO professionals offer advice that is integrated within each of our clients’ comprehensive financial planning architectures.

BMO Delaware Trust Services

The wealth planning strategies of the ultra-affluent individuals and families we serve often touch on a number of complex, interrelated issues and structures. When those planning circumstances involve the formation and/or administration of trusts, the old adage of “location, location, location” rings true. The location or situs of a trust can have direct bearing upon the applicability of state income tax laws, trust investment and distribution flexibility, trust duration, beneficiary disclosure requirements, creditor protection and many other considerations.

While CTC | myCFO is fully committed to providing advice and access to all venues that assist in addressing these considerations, we are able to effectively address some of the more unique and sophisticated fiduciary needs of our clients through our Delaware based affiliate, the BMO Delaware Trust Company.

Some of the more notable advantages of selecting the trust-friendly State of Delaware for the establishment of a new trust or as a destination for moving an existing trust include:

  • Potential state income tax deferral and/or minimization, particularly for non-resident beneficiaries

  • Wealth preservation via perpetual trusts that hold personal property

  • Confidentiality in terms of the degree of disclosures to beneficiaries that are required

  • Investment flexibility and direction from third party advisors that enables a separation of investment duties from administrative functions

  • Distribution flexibility to treat different classes of beneficiaries equitably

  • Favorable creditor protection statutes, including spendthrift provisions, that mitigate unintended erosion of trust assets

To learn more about the BMO Delaware Trust Company, visit www.BMO.com/delawaretrust.

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